Everything should begin here. What do you want to accomplish? Are you sure you’ve thought of everything? We’ll ask the hard questions. Challenge your assumptions. And provide creative solutions that really speak to your audiences.

Web Design

Good web design is a lot more than pretty pictures and tons of content. It’s a carefully planned strategy that incorporates everything from keywords and usability to links, conversion optimization and more. But in the end, it’s still marketing communication – and that’s what Calhoun Design does best.

Advertising & Social Media

As more of us live our lives online and on the move, the need to integrate traditional and new media is more critical than ever. Calhoun Design can create exciting advertising and social media campaigns that encourage interactive relationships with potential and existing customers.

Creative Services

Our designers actually read the copy. And our writers actually understand design. The result? Messages that work hard to communicate your brand on all levels. Our creative associates are some of the best in the region, with award-winning advertising agency backgrounds in copywriting and design.